domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007

In my last place

How many times I´ve heard that life is hard to live. Actually I am totally agree with this opinion. I like to hear songs all my day, just to think I can make my soundtrack life. Every moment of my life I can fill with a specific song. I know It´s not hard to do it.

But I was thinking about the songs I like. Some of them I don´t understand. I know the lyrics but I don´t understand the real feelings behind because I didn´t live the same thing. It´s like a poem. I will say !OH¡ ¡What a good poem! If I feel the real thing behind the words. It´s the same with the songs I like.

A foreigner teacher of English told me at my fifteens that I like complicated songs. I can reflect now that I didn´t live many situations I like to sing. One of these songs is “In my place” by Coldplay.

But each second that past is a new situation in our lives. Experience is what it is because of the past sentence and past time. Recently I lived a strong moment with a person I care a lot. And because of it I can sing “In my place” in the way Cris Martin feel his song.

A friend of mine told me that we mature not only in an intellectual way. We have to mature physically to mature intellectually, he said. And he was right. A little boy can´t really understand why everybody cries in a funeral or understand how to make hard mathematic operations.

One last thing. I said I like songs but some of them I don´t really feel. How I can sing a song I don´t decipher at all?

Easy, I think that all the words the human being said could be in a certain level understood. We have more or less an idea of what the song is about. Is like reading between lines. We know that something about this song is missing but as good humans we are, we complete it with something, whatever. So we can sing the song anyway.

Maybe listening to music is the same as reading a book.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Porque no lo traduces al español?
No todos comprenden el ingles.

Dario Orellana dijo...

tendría que pagarle al traductor, con coca cola o hotdog del lucas, y hasta que asome.... jajaja

Silvi Luna Azul dijo...

aquí estoy!!! :P

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