domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009


"No Line On The Horizon" is the name of U2 last studio album. The great old heroes zipped in two vocals, U2, but this band make more sound than that. Year 2008 was the year of "inspiration" for some big bands like Coldplay & The Killers. But what we have? Mainstream experimentation, limited time hits & piratery at the speeches. Coldplay's album "Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends" was intented as a break point, as an evolution Coldplay's sound. It reminds me when Ireland band make the masterpiece album "Achtung Baby", history can tell us about the upgrade sound U2 have developed at that time, of course, it works for Bono, Adam, Larry & The Edge.

Here at the 2009 Brit Awards, Get on your boots, first single from No Line On The Horizon.

I was surprised by some killers, they used to be good at what they've been doing, but this "Day & Age" album seems like, the leader, Brandon Flowers, focused too much trying to be better than U2. Possibly it is a matter of vision. But, all the things that they've done, for his last album disappointed more than one.

"No Line On The Horizon" should be translated as "slap in the face". Last U2 studio album is rock&roll. Great strength, as a 60's riot. The olddies still sing, and they're singing loud and clear.


All pictures taken from www.u2.com

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