viernes, 14 de agosto de 2015

Free Graffiti Tour (Perú 2da parte+)

En la ciudad de Huaraz:

En la ciudad de Lima:

En camino a Machu Picchu:

En la ciudad de Arequipa:

La muestra dice gratis, pero la verdad es que pasaré ahora con mi sombrero por sus respectivos asientos. Solo se aceptan dólares sin marcas. Gracias vuelva pronto.

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down to earth dijo...

Wow....Now that I am reading this I realize that I am not getting all of your posts in my email inbox. Wonder why????

Poor baby llamas in the foto. I could not read the message. What are they doing with them?

Hugs and wishes for a wonderful day

Tia J

eljovendario dijo...

I don´t know about the email issue. I´ll try to figure it out. About the death baby llamas, they offer them to Pachamama as a payment. Fetos de llamas is an important tribute.

Big hug from Arequipa Tia J

down to earth dijo...

Oh thanks....I thought it might be some shamanic thing but could not read/understand the word they used - pocho or something like that?
Not so much fun for the llama mother and fetus.

Just encountered the work of a fabulous artist from Peru, who does Shamanic paintings as a tribute to Mama Ayahuasca. They are so beautiful.

Here is a link if you are interested


down to earth dijo...

and even bigger hugs back to you!

eljovendario dijo...

¡Amazing work from Luis Tamani!

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